In case you have already obtained a cloud website hosting account through a different provider previously, you have most probably encountered a situation where you have to await hours, often even for a couple of days to have your new account set up and activated. The operation is in most cases automated, yet with most payment systems a new financial transaction goes in the queue and is completed when a live person sees it. With smaller website hosting companies, this might happen once a day at a certain time and if you have acquired an account using a reseller up to now, you've almost certainly waited for quite a while. This way you lose valuable time in waiting around rather than spending it on handling your web sites.

Instant Account Activation in Cloud Website Hosting

All of our cloud website hosting accounts are created and ready to use as soon as a new financial transaction is submitted, so you will not have to wait around for hours to begin working on your Internet site or upload its files if it is already developed on your computer. Should you pick any of the zero cost script-driven apps which we offer to be set up during the account creation, you will be able to access both the hosting Control Panel and the script management area in just minutes after your order. You'll receive the login details for both back offices immediately even when you acquire a shared hosting account during a weekend or a holiday. We know that sometimes a new account is required right away, so we make certain that you'll never have to wait and that your new account shall be activated immediately.

Instant Account Activation in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you buy a semi-dedicated server plan through our company, we will process your payment and set everything up immediately. In a few minutes after you submit the order, you'll have the account login information as well as a completely functional web hosting Control Panel, so you're able to sign in and start working on your website. Choosing a pre-installed script on the order page won't affect the activation time, so if you would like to start building your world wide web presence via one of the free apps we offer with the semi-dedicated packages, you will not need to wait more than a few minutes and you'll get the script administration area login information together with the semi-dedicated account ones. You may get a new account at any time since we are available 24/7, which includes holidays and weekends.